Innovative Autologus Plasma Phase Seperator  


The most advanced methodology

in the field of tissue regeneration and augmantation 


​​As you heard in Aestheticon! CD34+



The CGF (Concentrated Grow Factors) is a blood product obtained by means of the benchtop centrifuge Silfradent MEDIFUGE (fig.1,3). The special centrifugation profile imposed on blood samples determines a triphasic distribution (fig. 2), which collects in the intermediate portion, defined CGF, a high concentration of growth factors (VEGF, PDGF, TGFβ1 …), platelets, fibrin matrix and CD34+ cells (hematopoietic stem cells and precursor cells of the tissue blood)(Rodella 2010). Thanks to its particular composition dense of growth factors, the Concentrate Grow Factors showed regenerative properties and versatility of use higher than other blood products such as PRP and PRF (Sohn Et al. 2009). These characteristics make of the MEDIFUGE special centrifugation protocol the best candidate to obtain an autologous product superior in quality and effectiveness to be used in aesthetic medicine treatments for skin repair, regeneration and revitalization.

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